# How do I add alerts to my stream?

Once you've purchased any, you'll find your browser source link in the dashboard.

# How many FPS do I set the browser source to?

Use the value you'll see in the dashboard. If it looks bad, make it match your stream's FPS setting.

# What size do I set the browser source to?

As long as it lets the entire animation be shown, you can use whatever you want. A good rule of thumb is to use your stream's base resolution.

If they're larger than your canvas, make it fit the scene. In OBS Studio you can right click on the browser source > Transform > Fit to screen. Don't use any resizing method that breaks the aspect ratio by stretching it.

# My alerts are not behaving as expected. What do I do?

If you think the latest updates to your animations are not being applied or no alerts are showing at all, refresh the browser source. In OBS Studio you can right click on it > Properties and you'll find the button at the bottom. Otherwise, delete the browser source and add it again. Hide/show doesn't refresh a browser source.

# If I enable multiple alerts of the same type, which one gets displayed?

It'll depend on the threshold (highest takes priority). If multiple alerts end up matching, one is picked at random from the ones you have enabled.

# Do I need to point my viewers to a different donation page?

No. They'll still use your Streamlabs page. All events your alerts respond to happen normally and nobody's flow gets altered.

# Can I resize the browser source?

Yes but it's not advised—you'll lose sharpness. If you're going to, don't use any resizing method that breaks the aspect ratio by stretching it.

# Can I move the browser source?

Yes. Just make sure your alerts still look good. Some animations come in from the borders and if you don't align it with the borders of the scene, it'll look like it's coming from thin air.

# What does threshold refer to?

The minimum amount for an alert to be shown. For example, in the case of donations it'd be US dollars and for resubs it'd be months.

It's not taken into consideration when using test buttons.

# Why can't I sign up?

StreamChamp is right now closed for new users. If you were a user already and had alerts or a widget enabled, you can still log in and continue using this service.